RULES 2019

Order of the draft will be selected by random draw prior to the commencement of dinner. The Organizing Committee will select for any team who does not have a representative arrive before 5:45 p.m. The draft will proceed from first to last for the Eastern Conference and then switch to the Western Conference, which will also draft first to last. Draft will switch back to the Eastern Conference to select from last to first, followed by the Western Conference drafting last to first.

This process will be repeated until each team has drafted seven players. Goalies for an NHL team are treated as one pick. There will be a 30-second time limit for each player selection. If the time limit is exceeded, the Commissioner at his discretion can levy a fine with all proceeds going to Special Olympics. The Commissioner’s decision on the time violations will be final! After selection of a player, please enter your pick on the summary sheet to be returned at the conclusion of the draft. Players that have not been drafted after the completion of seven rounds will be eligible for trades (see below). There will be a reception, which will give your team a
chance to prepare and give your competitors bad advice. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m.

A team may negotiate a trade for a player or a group of players with another team. The Commissioner or his designated representative must approve all trades before they become official and the master list is updated. Trading cannot result in a team having more than nine or less than five players.

Trades may be completed with the other Conference. Therefore, it is possible to acquire two of the same players (e.g. two Sidney Crosbys). A team may trade one-for-one for any players left in the pool. The Commissioner must give approval. A trade is not completed until a Player Trade Form is filled out and properly signed and authorized. The deadline for all trades is approximately 30 minutes after the draft is completed.

Each team will earn points based on the performance of their players. Points are calculated as follows:

Goal or Assist (Regular Time) 1 point
Winning Goaltending Team 1 point
Bonus Points:
Overtime Goal or Overtime Assist 2 additional points
Shutout (Goaltending Team Points) 3 additional points

Winning goaltending team that earns a Shutout will earn 4 points.

An Overtime Goal or Overtime Assist is worth a total of 3 points. Therefore, if Sidney Crosby
scores 5 goals (4 Regular Time Goals and 1 Overtime Goal) and has 4 Assists (3 Regular Time Assists and 1 Overtime Assist), he would earn a total of 13 points.

* Please Note – Goaltending teams will receive credit for scoring a goal or an assist.

All ties will be broken in the following manner:
Team awarded the higher position in the standings will be the one who has the player scoring the goal closest to the end of the playoffs.